How to apply for the Georgia Digital Nomad Visa

The Georgia digital nomad visa is an example of how the world has turned into a borderless, global village.

Moreover, the advancement and revolution in travel facilities has helped people to be a part of different regions of the world within short span of time. Lately, due to the global pandemic, most of the jobs allowed remote working and work from home. Although it is not a new concept, but it has gained popularity for sure after pandemic.

Many countries are now offering and promoting the digital nomad visas in order to meet up the economic losses caused by pandemic. Each country has come up with its own policies and conditions in this regard.

Who and what are digital nomads?

Digital nomads (also know as remote workers) are the individuals, who choose location independent jobs, to explore the world, without residing in any one permanent location. These include freelance writers, entrepreneurs and artists etc.

What is a digital nomad visa?

Digital nomad visas allow a person to live and work in a country whilst continuing to work remotely. As long as then are not a burden on the local economy, but contribute to it positively. With this trend set to rise, more countries are creating opportunities for this type of visitor.

Where is the country of Georgia located?

Georgia is a country located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. The former Soviet Republic is the hub of Caucasus Mountain villages and black sea beaches. Its capital Tbilisi is famous for its diverse architecture and cobblestone streets of old town. Its currency is Georgian Lari. This country is considered to be one of the best tourist destinations for the cultural, history and nature lovers.

Why do digital nomads choose Georgia?

Here is a breakdown of some pros and cons digital nomads may consider when choosing Georgia as a destination:


  • The quality spacious apartments are easily available here in Georgia just for 300-400$ / month. So, one can easily get an idea that it is quiet affordable.
  • Georgia is considered to be one of the safest countries among the European countries. So, tourists feel safe not only to travel there but also like to stay there.
  • The travel facilities are easy and affordable there. One can easily reach the desired destinations through fastest source via metro for 20 cents only.
  • One of the major requirements of the freelancers is inter net connection. Here in Georgia, you can get a free Wi-Fi with Super Wi-Fi speed event at public places. The government has tried to facilitate the people as well as the visitors in this regard.
  • Another major need concerning work is the co-working spaces. So one can easily find free co working spaces which are purposefully designed for freelancers. There are free co working spaces within the city as well.
  • Most of the people are concerned about their fitness. So you can easily get great gyms for almost $25/ month which means that it would cost you even less than $1 per day and this is most affordable service in comparison to any European country. One can even get a trainer depending on the affordability.
  • Those who are fond of natural beauty and want to engage themselves in some exciting activities, then they can experience the world class hiking at Caucasus Mountains. These mountains are famous for their surrounding lush green beauty.
  • While those who are eager to have some adventurous winter activities, then they can surely have 1st class skiing in winter sports.
  • Hence it is a perfect destination for tourists especially for the nature lovers and adventurous people, with the most affordable prices.
  • Georgia is one of the oldest countries to make wines. The Georgian people are perfect in the art of making wine. So, one can find the best wines of the world in just few dollars.


  • Sometimes it’s hard to get a direct regular flights to Georgia. Because the place is among the top of priority list of the tourists, due to facilities and affordability.
  • One can only visit Georgia by air, land port entry is not allowed (via Turkish route). But as per the statement of experiences of some people, this restriction is not followed in its true essence. So, if you cannot travel by air, then you can take this land port entry via Turkish border.
  • The condition of bank statement USD $2000/ month is really hard to meet for most of the remote workers. Because it is a huge amount in other currencies.

What is the Georgia digital nomad visa program?

Georgia has become one of the most recent countries to offer Digital Nomad Visa in August 2020. This visa is named as “Remotely from Georgia”. It offers the self-employed citizens from 95 countries the facility of “Visa on arrival”, by this they can travel and stay in Georgia up to 1 year and they don’t need to apply for it earlier.

While the people not belonging to these 95 countries, have to apply prior to going to Georgia. But if they have work and residence permit of any of these 95 countries then they can avail the facility of visa on arrival.

What are the requirements of the Georgia digital nomad visa?

Each country has its own requirements with the few common exceptions. The required documents for Georgia’s visa are:

  • International Health insurance.
  • Income proof of USD $2000/ month.
  • Duly filled application form.
  • Photo scanned pictures of valid passport.

How do I apply for the Georgia digital nomad visa?

Before applying for this visa, select the category of visa which you are applying for (freelance, entrepreneur, business, or remote worker).

  • Choose your job category.
  • Provide proof of your work (a letter of conformation that you are employ of this company. It must be signed and certified by the employer).
  • Collect the documents. (if you are a freelance writer, then you must provide work contracts of clients of last 12 months).
  • Visit official website and open the application form “Remotely from Georgia”.
  • Fill the form properly and submit it online.
  • Then wait for around 10 days, within 10 days you will get response of acceptance or rejection.
  • If you get acceptance then you are finally in to Georgia.

What is the validity of the Georgia digital nomad visa last?

This visa is valid for up to 1 year once applied. But if you want to prolong your stay than 1 year, then you have to get a new entry before your visa expires.

How much does it cost for the Georgia digital nomad visa

Initially the visa of Georgia was free of cost, but now its visa fee is $20 USD for long term visa and short term visa too.


In a nutshell, if one is looking for something aesthetic, natural and exciting, then Georgia is the preferred destination. Remotely from Georgia provides opportunities to not only nomad workers but also to many tourists to get in to Georgia and explore the wonders hidden in this land.