What does Barcelona offer Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

What does Barcelona offer digital nomads and remote workers who decide to based themselves in Spain?

Barcelona is a city located in Spain and is known for its art and architecture. The city is also famous for its exceptional soccer, modern art museums, peaceful parks, golden shorelines and delicious tapas.

Another quality of the city is the good weather with warm summers and mild winters. Furthermore, Barcelona is a city that can facilitate you with fast and reliable Internet connection, essential for any remote worker.

It is one of the few places that offers an airport with great connections to other major cities in Europe. In other words, one can say that Barcelona has good atmosphere, accessible and functional Wi-Fi and well developed infrastructure.

What does the city of Barcelona offer Digital Nomads and Remote Workers?

Barcelona has a big international community, providing the opportunity to meet new people, and make business contacts. The city also host tech events and freelancer networking meetups for digital nomads. Barcelona is one of the top cities that has an abundance of co-working spaces.

In this city, digital nomads and like- minded people from various countries work together and share their professional and cultural experiences. On almost every day or night of the week, the workshops, free lectures and networking meetups are being conducted that make an easy interaction for digital nomads to make business connections.

The city has fastest Internet connection by which one can get video streaming, skype calls and can do any work without worrying about losing connection.

Apart from this, the city has many public spaces such as bars, hotels, coffee shops, libraries that provide free Wi-Fi. Moreover, the white sandy beaches, picturesque mountains and great food can give you relaxing and ideal environment, if you need to take an off from work.

What is the cost of living in Barcelona?

Barcelona is considered as 142nd most expensive place in the world to live in. There are both popular places that have higher prices and as well as less populated areas that are cheap. The cost of living for a digital nomad in Barcelona is $2,941 per month. 


For accommodation it can cost you €900 or €1000 or even more per month for an apartment that’s about 50 or 60 square meters. The price may vary from place to place or it depends on the standard of the apartment.


In Barcelona, for grocery, prices at the local market will be cheaper than in the grocery store. While buying any food it should be kept in mind that the bigger the selection, the wider the price range between high quality and low price category. As an estimate, the cost for food is 150-200€ per month in a budget supermarket, whereas the typical food in Barcelona is seafood, paella or tapas.


The public transport system in Barcelona is very favourable in a way that only buying a single ticket can also work for other vehicles like trains, buses, metro and trams. Hence, keeping in view all the costs, it can be said that Barcelona is a great city having a good infrastructure for digital nomads.

What to expect from the Barcelona Digital Nomad Community?

Barcelona is a wonderful place for a digital nomad. It is an innovative city where people who work remotely feel their life as easy and fulfilling. Remote workers also enjoy interesting cultural attractions and mouth-watering tapas after having done with work or exploration.

It has a plenty of English speakers which can make communication easy for digital nomads. Furthermore, there are a number of dedicated co-working spaces that offer a highly relaxed environment for the professional freelancers.

The remote workers find this place and a start-up scene in the co-working community. After getting free from work, digital nomads can do all kinds of outdoor activities such as mushroom hunting, Ski in the high mountains or biking slowly downhill.

Sports lovers can simply play volleyball on the beach or can go for a slow hike in the hills and can also enjoy the spectacular views of the city. It is also considered as a cheap city for those who know well that where to look.

The basic services like food, transport and clothing are comparatively cheaper than most other western European cities so a digital nomad can stay longer in Barcelona even on a budget, if he knows the right places to live. Due to all these benefits it is one of the fast growing communities in the world and has highest number of freelancers.

What are the co-working space options available in Barcelona?

There are a number of unique co-working spaces that are perfect for digital nomads. One of them is Betahaus which is ranked as top flexible and functional platform for remote workers where you can work freely from terrace, living room, café or from various other spaces.

Second space includes a bright and shiny La Vaca Co-working where freelancers come to work, socialize and chill out. People choose this community for its peaceful and calm vibes and also for other activities like group yoga and networking events.

Another popular and perfect place for nomads is Aticco which give traditional office feel. Workers can enjoy wonderful views from the windows of this house.

Felsia Cowork is also an amazing option for nomads where they can get mentoring and coaching programs to start their career.

Some other great options include Sowo co-working, BASE Co-working, cloud works, Transforma BCN, imagine café, loom Glóries, Zamness, Bcombinator, MAUI Beach co-working, Jungle co-working and Coco place.

This means that you can join any of co-working space of your own choice and work socially while being productive with the community of freelancers.

So what does Barcelona offer for those looking for solid co-working spaces?

Barcelona offers a high number of co-working spaces to free-spirited workers where they can earn good money, learn and have fun all in one place.


So what does Barcelona offer ultimately?

Most remote workers prefer the city because life is easy-going and enjoyable.

Barcelona enjoys a popular reputation amongst the community of digital nomads and remote workers. The city gives you plenty of sunshine, beaches and comfortable lifestyle.

Johnny Jen, a well experienced American digital Nomad shares his positive experience about living in Barcelona and says that, “it is one of the few places where I can live all year around”.