What does Berlin offer Digital Nomads and Remote Workers?

What does Berlin offer Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

What does Berlin offer digital nomads and remote workers who decide to make the German capital home?

The rapidly emerging lifestyle of digital nomads provide a chance to individuals to work with mobility and technology. It also enables them to explore exciting places and get to know interesting people along with their remote work.

In other words, they are location independent and enjoy freedom by not getting confined with companies that require physical presence for their work on daily basis.

Due to this expanded trend of modern nomadic life, various countries offer a lot of attractive facilities and a pleasant lifestyle to people all over the world.

What does the city of Berlin offer Digital Nomads and Remote Workers?

Berlin which is Germany’s capital is regarded as a cosmopolitan city for all the remote workers. There are many reasons for which Berlin has been always considered as a perfect choice for new comers and as well as for rovers.

This extremely dynamic and cultural centre of Europe has a worldwide reputation in regard to peripatetic mode of life.

In Berlin, food is cheap everywhere, coworking spaces are inexpensive and German language is not being demanded due to which everyone can communicate easily by speaking English almost everywhere in this international city.

This city also proposes accessible visas, good quality of life, multicultural atmosphere, huge start-up culture and unique energy that attracts digital nomads to stay here for a long time.

What is the cost of living in Berlin?

Despite being the capital, this vibrant city is counted as the cheapest capital city in Western Europe. The cost of living in Berlin for a single person is estimated as €1854.


Berlin can be called as a paradise for the people who want to live and work in urban as this city provides newly renovated flats and furnished rooms along with safety And availability of services.

There are a number of accommodations in Berlin for digital nomads such as co-living spaces with fully equipped apartments, fast Internet and weekly cleaning.

Another choice can be hostels or subletting a room or whole flat. In case, if anyone wants to stay for a few months some places can be out of budget , but one should choose wisely that where to stay in order to avoid rising and demanding apartment rents.


The huge food culture and cheap delicious meals are also one of the attractions for any remote worker.

German food is amazing and delicious. There are a plenty of vegan cafés and restaurants in Berlin for digital nomads that are organized by district.

Berlin has all those places where you can just order, pay and quickly be fed for those times whenever you are craving for any satisfying food.

Some of the popular food places in Berlin are Markthalle Neun, Thaipark, Mustafa’s Kebap and Curry 36 where you can get a variety of food vendors and shops along with great wine and can also enjoy occasional community events.

What to expect from the Berlin Digital Nomad Community?

Berlin has ultimately a great digital nomad’s community as it facilitates the nomads to meet other remote workers. The community is flexible, friendly, comfortable and creative platform for all those individuals who have the urge to work while traveling.

Berlin has a lot of co-working spaces and by this one can find a unique and suitable sport of his/her own choice that also suits one’s personality and introduces to the type of people you want to hang out with.

The community also consists of well-experienced and ambitious workers who often arrange different meetings and get-togethers on first Wednesday of every month that gives them the opportunity to learn from and cooperate with each other.

Moreover, there are also several networking events that are being organized where many of them can see on the meet-up estrade.

What are the co-working space options available in Berlin?

Co-working spaces are the best source of inspiration and opportunities for creative remote workers and all their basic needs could be electricity, good internet access and a lively place for dealing with their projects.

Research studies have also shown that peaceful communities of co-working spaces often contribute to the comfortable and ideal environment for young freelancers that help them to be more productive and also allows the individuals to think about new ideas and constructive criticism.

There are substantial co-working spaces by which one can kick-start his/her new venture. Kaos, oberschöneweide is a factory which is located on the banks of River Spree that provides you workshops, desk space, an exhibition space and even a photography studio.

Another co-working space named as St Oberholz, Mitte founded in 2005 which offers a range of membership packages, a four-hour pass for nomadic visitors and a special “night owls” package for those who are willing to work after dark.

This co-working space is considered as best for night owls and nomads. Ahoy!Mitte founded in 2012 is a well-connected hub for start-ups and freelancers and also proposes additional services like event management and legal advice.

One of Berlin’s well-known co-working space is Buzzing Friedrichstadt which gives a lively entrepreneurial environment for one’s business. It has the characteristics of growing business in a supportive and innovative manner as well as it allows you to enjoy a breath of fresh air, mesmerizing architecture, various lush parks and many cafés in the area which creates an inspirational energy for nomads.

Some other healthy co-working spaces include Sankt Oberholz, Agora Collective, Co-up, Mind space, Ahoy Berlin, ESDIP Berlin, raumstation, Tante Renate, fritz 46 and Rainmaking Loft.


Ultimately what does Berlin offer digital nomads and remote workers?

Berlin can offer countless spaces to work from. It is a best start-up hub as anyone can initiate creative businesses to tech start-ups. The city has a productive environment, rich culture, great networking events, many entrepreneurs and a huge start-up scene.

In Berlin, there are some iconic nightclubs as well as exciting exhibitions along with reliable and efficient culture for any type of digital nomad.

Regarded as a hub of creativity, the town has high educational level, well-developed hospitals, friendly people, traffic safety, and free-Wi-Fi in city, good freedom of speech and racial tolerance.

Despite that, the German capital is absolutely thrilling, affordable, well-connected by transportation and full of luxurious accommodations.

Furthermore, Berlin is never seen as overly energetic and crowded. In other words, it is completely a perfect place for remote work lifestyle.