What does Hanoi offer Digital Nomad and Remote Workers

What does Hanoi have to offer for digital nomads and remote workers wanting to based themselves in Asia?

Turn by the rolling waves of the South China sea, Vietnam is one of the South East Asia’s most alluring countries of the region as well as the world due to its richness in history, art, culture and diversity. These traits are a source of attraction not only for tourists but also for the digital nomads too. Vietnam’s cosmopolitan cities are at large so diverse, that they give a glimpse of centuries old culture by its museums and progressiveness through its giant buildings.

The country’s history can be traced throughout its ancient temples and crumbling colonial mansions, along with the stunning beauty of landscapes with natural wonders. Thus, Vietnam flips things on its heads, and perhaps that’s a unique part about this country.

What does the city of Hanoi offer Digital Nomads and Remote Workers?

Hanoi, being Vietnam’s vibrant capital is blissfully rich of centuries’ old architecture, heritage and mouth-watering food which grab your attention as soon as you get into the city. The city provides memorable experiences and each experience has its own worth. Though there is great hustle and bustle within the streets of city, but at the same time the street corners are full of delicious and inexpensive sizzling food. The city’s walls carry a reflection of past. 

For those having interest in history, a visit to Temple of literature is worth mentioning. For the entertainment and art admirers, the city offers a water puppet show, which is a local puppet show with some folk stories and music and it can only be experienced in Vietnam. A dusk visit to a local lake called West Lake is also very soothing.

A trip to the unspoiled UNESCO’s world heritage site of Ha Long Bay is also an entirely a drifting experience. The emerald green water topped with Ireland’s greenery is best for sailing, rock climbing, and hiking. The natural beauty of Bay would take you to an entirely new world. The street performers can be seen performing different arts and skills around the city is a worth noticing experience.

What is the cost of living in Hanoi?

Like in any city of the country, the cost of living varies from place to place and standard of living too. Hanoi has become fast growing destinations for expats and digital nomads due to its affordable costs of living as compared to many European countries. The average cost of living for a humble lifestyle would cost $ 600 USD, while a more comfortable one would cost $ 700- $ 1100 USD and luxurious one would cost $ 2000 USD /month.


Hanoi is a blend of old culture and new ideas, which is one of the foremost reasons of being on the top choices of Nomads. Here a 1 bedroom apartment would start from $ 250 USD / month within the city centre and outside the city centre it could be as low as $ 150 USD/ month. For the nomads choosing for an inexpensive and bigger places, an apartment within city centre would cost $ 450 USD/ month including utility bills, which more than easy to afford.


The city of Hanoi is known for its iced milk coffee and Hot Pho Lo soup (noodles) which are only served in breakfast. The prices of meals are affordable too. Like an average 1 time meal (inexpensive one) can cost around $3 USD, while a nice meal at western style restaurant can cost $10 USD. While the prices of beer vary as the imported beers cost more than those of local ones, but on average a domestic beer would be $0.90 USD. 


Transportation facility is also affordable. While travelling privately by using services like Grab (car / taxi / bike) are easy and work like Uber. This service usually cost less than $ 2 USD within the city centre, which is much cheaper than a local taxi option.

What to expect from the Hanoi digital nomad community?

The best way to connect to the digital community of the city is through social media, which is the most feasible option. There is a perception about the people of Hanoi that they are not very social, but it is not the case. Here most locals don’t speak English. So, they can’t communicate with the foreigners. But the people are more or less friendly (depending on the place). 

What are the co-working space options available in Hanoi?

In Hanoi there are plenty of co working spaces and most cafes and hotels also offer the facility of free Wi-Fi from where these digital nomads can continue their work. But for a more productive working most nomads prefer co working spaces. 

The membership charges vary from place to place and the services offered by them. At minimum, they start from $ 50 USD / month with a high speed free Wi-Fi facility. One can choose plenty of co working space options on the website coworker.com as the membership deals vary in different areas. Some of the co working options include Click space in Tayho, Espace and Toong in the old cold quarter area.

Thus, the digital nomads planning to move to Hanoi Vietnam, can expect their cost of living to be $ 1100- $ 1300 USD on average, while living within city centre using co working space and availing all facilities.


So what does Hanoi ultimately offer?

Hanoi has a lot to offer to its visitors from sunrise breath taking views to sailing to Ha Long Bay, each experience is memorable. For digital nomads free wifi is broadly available at the speed of 4mbps depending on the area you are residing in most areas of the city along with many co working spaces. 

In the recent times, rapid development has made its way to Hanoi. With a look towards its future Hanoi continues to shine as a hub for history and culture. Nomads from across the world head towards this destination not only for the pursuit of relaxation, but also for some unforgettable experiences. Thus, Hanoi presents itself in layers to its visitors, and as it unfolds this incredible place you come to know that it is a blend of East and West, in the form of influence in French architecture dotted throughout the city.