What does Krakow offer digital nomads and remote workers

What does Krakow offer when deciding on your next remote working location? Originally the Polish capital from 1038 to 1596.

In 1596 Sigismund III Vasa moved the capital to Warsaw, in the center of the country. Even after Kraków was no longer the capital, it remained a prominent city, as is demonstrated by the fact that the Polish kings were crowned in Wawel Cathedral.

Krakow remained an important centre of Polish nationalism, and had played a crucial role in the Polish independence movements.

Today, Krakow is still well known as the “Royal capital” and maintains a special place in Polish culture and history. Furthermore Krakow is located in southern Poland, in the valley of Carpathian Mountains. The city has also developed active tourism including skiing, hiking and Jewish cultural festivals.

What does the city of Krakow offer digital nomads and remote workers?

Krakow offers a low cost of living, fast internet connectivity, rentals are reasonably priced and people are helpful and amiable.

Poland itself is a well-established creative hub for start-ups and digital nomads. Poland’s second largest city is full of energy and youthful. The churches and beautiful museums of this city portray an impressive picture for both tourists and remote workers. Krakow also has the highest density of bars in the world which shows that the city has a great nightlife. Making Krakow and excellent option for those who want to work remotely. 

The city deserves to be considered as one’s next destination to settle as a digital nomad as it has a large international community of employees and expats. Also there are plenty of interesting things to do in Krakow. There are number of nice places to discover in Krakow like museums and some major landmarks so it is most often visited by foreigners, tourists and entrepreneurs. The best thing about Krakow is everything is of so super low cost and so many things are actually free including some co working spaces and even bicycle rentals.

What is the cost of living in Krakow?

The cost of living in Krakow for a single person is 4,550z per month. The cost of living in Krakow is 59% cheaper than cities in Eastern Europe and 78% cheaper than cities in the world. What does Krakow offer as a city? A high quality of life, great options of entertainment and excellent transport infrastructure. Unfortunately Krakow is pricey in terms of accommodation.


Food is also a specialty of Krakow and there are few selected Polish foods that the city claims outright. Trying some traditional dishes like zurek, barszcz, pierogi, bigos is a great way to experience Polish culture. Plus, it offers a variety of amazing restaurants to choose from, stretching from traditional Polish cuisine through fashionable burger places, to niche vegan restaurants, means that everybody can find something according to the suitability of their tastes. Despite this, food is not very much expensive as compared to other countries. Sometimes, it might be hard to find vegetarian choices at restaurants but there are no special opening or serving times, so you can eat all the traditional and international dishes throughout the day. Typical lunch timing is 3-4 pm and then supper at 7pm. This gives us an idea about when restaurants are likely to be at their busiest.


In Krakow, you don’t need to be worried about transport, because if you are planning to stay in the centre after city, then most places are within easy walking distance. To get from the centre to the Kazimierz District, one can take a tram, quick and easy, which will save time and energy. Along with this, there are one, two or three-day tickets that are available for public transport in Krakow.


Krakow is generally safe even in the crowded areas. Moreover, Krakow has a lower crime rate than most western European and North American cities of similar size.

What to expect from the Krakow digital nomad community?

CoCoHub is the first decentralized global co-living and co-working community for digital nomads in Krakow that enables individuals to kick start local communities of location independent professionals within their cities.

It is one of the leading cities in the field of outsourcing and has been ranked as 21st best city in the world for remote working. It also has a well-connected expat community.

Krakow’s digital nomad community is a forum for networking, support and a source of information for all expatriates or people thinking about moving through this awesome city.

It has good social life and volunteering opportunities. Moreover, the communities offer efficient communication, organizing events and sharing ideas and projects.

In our opinion, Krakow can be the right choice for freelance travellers. The city has cultural richness and cheap living expenses along with a thriving start-up scene. In addition, it has great growth potential in the technology sector within Europe.

What are the co-working space options available in Krakow?

Krakow offers great opportunities for professional development and has around 40 co-working spaces, so one can choose according to comfort and ease. So what does Krakow offer in terms of co-working spaces? The most popular ones are Coworking Rynek 28, Bioro, Krakowski Park Technologiczny, Business Link Krakow High5ive, and Cluster.

All of the above mentioned spaces are conveniently located and reachable by public transport. The average cost of a co-working desk is 100-120 euro a month. Some other co-working platforms are Kalafiornia Cowork, fully equipped with a main co-working space and conference room. I Techcloud Co-working, a warm cozy vibe with plenty of private space. Yolk Cowork Krakow, a perfect place with a relaxed and modern interior. Bioro Co-working hosts events and they will put you in touch with freelancers to get your business up and running.


So, what does Krakow offer?

Krakow offers countless spaces to work from. It has a remoter worker and digital nomad friendly environment. As a hub anyone can initiate businesses from creative to tech start-ups. The city has a rich culture and great networking events.

In Krakow, there are iconic bars as well as exciting exhibitions for any and all visitors. It’s status as a Central European hub of creativity, the city has high educational levels, well-developed hospitals, friendly people, traffic safety, and free-Wi-Fi.

Despite that, Poland’s second city is absolutely thrilling, affordable, well-connected by transportation and full of luxurious accommodation. Furthermore, Krakow is never seen as overly intense or crowded. In other words, it is the perfect place for a remote working lifestyle.

In a nutshell, Krakow is an amazing place and certainly has the right vibe for digital nomads. Its history, culture, great food, nightlife and comfortable co-working spaces make it Poland’s best landing place for both nomads and tourists.