What does Lisbon offer Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

What does Lisbon offer digital nomads and remote workers who decide to based themselves in Portugal?

Lisbon, a metropolitan city, and capital of Portugal is the most western country of Europe and is closest to North America. The picaresque capital is full of life and appeals to many digital nomads due to its moderate climate.

Although it is densely populated city acquiring almost 3 million people but still, its diversity is its plus point when it comes to this much population. Moreover, it has historical churches and delicious foods to offer in different neighborhoods.

What does the city of Lisbon offer Digital Nomads and Remote Workers?

Lisbon, being the hub of digital nomads offers a high standard of living to its residents, which is the foremost requirement of people moving around. For nomads, looking for exciting things about Lisbon can visit to the Christ’s statue, which is a worth noticing and remembering experience. Moreover, there are so many world heritage sites of UNESCO, which one can check out before planning to travel. Other worthy things about Lisbon include climate, rich culture, fastest inter net speed, good services and much more. Lisbon is a multicultural city which acts as a melting pot for those coming here, and no one feels alien to be here. Last but not the least that one can learn to speak Portuguese as well.

What is the cost of living in Lisbon?

Lisbon ultimately provides a dream quality of life with inexpensive costs as compared to many European countries. Although in recent times the prices have raised, but still they are quiet affordable here. The prices of things vary depending on the neighborhood and facilities one avails during the stay.


One can easily get a one room apartment in €300 – 350/ month within the city centre. While a full house apartment may cost up to €900 /month excluding bills. The bills can costs up to €50/ month or so. There are different neighborhoods in Lisbon too depending on your choice of living. The most popular neighborhoods of Lisbon are Chiado, Barrio Alto and Baixa. Chaido is absolutely a dream place for people having artistic sense or having interest in history and culture, as this neighborhood has old Churches and theatres as well. Barrio Alto is known for its cafes, bars and a variety of shops. While Baixa is the neighborhood within the city centre, and is popular due to its convenience, as it provides easy access to many tourist attractions.


The dinner and lunch could be costly as compared to breakfast. The break fast’s cost ranges between €5 – 10, while lunch from €10-15, and dinner from €15- 50. For those people who want to have an exposure of self-cooking, then they can avail this facility too and this option is less expensive too, as the prices of grocery and vegetables are quite cheap. The self-cooking would cost around €80 – 90/ month for each person.


What does Lisbon offer in terms of transportation? The city is well equipped with a network of fastest means of transportation, as Lisbon is near the sea port too. For public transport people usually prefer to travel by mini train services which run throughout the city, and people can also opt for electric cycles as well as the taxi services, which are quite equal (less costly) depending on the duration of your journey. 

Lisbon is a well-connected city to world as well, as the airport is hardly at the drive of 5- 10 mints from the city centre, and one can experience within city landings of aeroplanes here. There are direct and indirect flights to almost all countries of the world from Lisbon.

What to expect from the Lisbon Digital Nomad Community?

The people of Portugal are reserve in general, but are friendly which a plus point is for the intruders. The services sector in Lisbon is enormous, so one can easily seek for online job too in relevant fields like media, marketing etc. The different social groups and gatherings at co working spaces let you assimilate in the environment within no time. Such gatherings and meet ups help to settle easily. Hence, the digital nomad community would not disappoint you as it is a solid based community with people from all over the world.

What are the co-working space options available in Lisbon?

Usually people think that co working spaces are merely wastage of money, but no one can deny the fact that one feels more productive, professional and working with in such environment.

Moreover, they also provide an opportunity to socialize with different people across the globe and one does not feels alone in the group meet ups offered by some of the co working spaces.

Lisbon, being the hub and top choice of nomads is known for its fine and comfortable co working spaces too. With the rising scope in this industry, many have started investing in making co working spaces. Among many co working spaces,

Avila spaces Portugal is the most innovative working place and is the leader of innovation in free work place market. It offers a high Wi-Fi speed inter net of 50 mbps downloading and 30 mbps uploading, (within city centre) with the most comfortable working environment.


So what does Lisbon offer ultimately?

The paradigm of world has shifted towards digital one due to its convenience, time location, and largely prevailing system. Moreover, the global COVID -19 pandemic has also forced the people to ponder about creating and promoting remote working.

People are happy to take break from their office life. Even before pandemic, many countries were offering visas for digital nomads, but after pandemic due to its rising scope, many countries have started advertising and attracting nomads.

People like to work location independently, and enjoy being around the world. Hence, Bali, Malaysia, Thailand and Lisbon have become top choices of nomads.