What does Medellin offer Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

What does Medellin offer digital nomads and remote workers who decide to based themselves in Colombia?

Twenty-five years ago, Medellin was considered “the most dangerous city on earth”, now it has been transformed into a hipster haven.

Medellin, which is nicknamed “The City of Eternal Spring” for its idyllic climate is the capital of Colombia’s mountainous Antioquia province and is well-known for its coffee plantations and its flower farms. The city was founded in 1616 but remained a small settlement. Later on, it became the centre of the textile industry and now it has changed into a modern and lively city. Medellin is the first Colombian city with a metro system that serves the northern, southern and western areas. This makes getting around the city very easy and convenient.

Medellin has fast become an entertaining place for adventurous expats with many contributing factors that make it one of the best places in the world for working remotely. It has a wide range of co-working spaces, and great cafés to work from. A fantastic digital nomad community, marvellous year-round weather and a relatively low cost of living. In addition, the city has an excellent selection of world-class restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, public parks. In other words, Medellin is often referred to as the digital nomad hub of South America. This lush city is the perfect combination of work and play.

What does the city of Medellin offer Digital Nomads?

Medellin is considered one of the coolest cities in the world, and also one of the most modern in Columbia. The city has been transformed over the last fifteen years, becoming much safer. Which has lead to excitement and an optimistic vibe in the air.

In Medellin, there are several cultural sights and museums for visitors to enjoy. These include The Medellin Metro Cable system, Basilica de la Candelaria, The Basilica Metropolitana, Pueblito Paisa, Plaza Botero and The JardÍn Botánico JoaquÍn Antonio Uribe. work.

This charming city has hiking trails, a good balance of cultural exploration, adventure and laid-back activities. To explore the lush surrounding hills of Medellin, there are various tour companies that will set you up with a mountain bike or ATV and let you speed around challenging trails. It’s a great chance to go off-road and visit some mesmerizing sites that not many tourists get to see.

What is the cost of living in Medellin?

Medellin, Colombia’s second-biggest city, is 69.17% more affordable than New York. Based on the overall experience of digital nomads, the cost of living in Medellin incredibly modest when compared other major cities in Europe and even Australia.


For example, where an individual does not want to pay for a lease on a rental, they can instead pay the homeowners association fee or HOA fee. For an extreme example, a six room penthouse would cost $120 USD per person for a single month.


Furthermore, electricity, water and sewage bills are approximately $100-$150 USD per month. Internet is also very reliable and it will cost you just $34 USD month.


When it comes to food or eating out, Medellin is very inexpensive all in costing you $300-$400 USD a month.

So, the overall cost for a person living in Medellin is roughly $700 USD a month which is very cheap, making it an easy choice for digital nomads.

What to expect from the Medellin Digital Nomad Community?

Medellin has a solid digital nomad friendly infrastructure that supports remote workers. From wide-spread Wi-Fi to a burgeoning coffee-shop culture. There is a co-operative digital nomad community, along with a good support network for new arrivals. There are also numerous digital nomad groups arranging regular social events. With the influx of digital nomads, there are lots of meet-ups and social events that are aim to support the growth of remote workers. Hostel Ondas has a weekly social on their roof, specifically for digital nomads, and there are lots of independently organized Couchsurfing meet-ups. Plus, one can join one of the many Facebook groups including: Digital Nomads Medellin, Medellin Digital Nomads, Start-up Medellin Digital Nomads Network and Medellin Entrepreneurs Society. This means if someone is looking to make new like-minded friends, it will not be too difficult in Medellin.

What are the co-working space options available in Medellin?

There are a number of quality workspaces in Medellin now open in El Poblado and Laureles. Here are some best Co-working spaces that Medellin offers:

  • Selina Co-work which is well-known for its facilities and stylish interiors. It is a large, welcoming, and aesthetically functioning co-working space that’s incredibly popular with the city’s remote workers.
  • Global Express Centre, situated in a prime area for digital nomads in Poblado. It provides a solid offering of meeting rooms and private offices for calls or groups. Other features of this space includes printer, scanner, comfortable chairs and high-speed internet connection.
  • La Casa Redonda offers flexible passes at an affordable price, great for nomads on a budget or those that don’t need to use a co-working space daily.

Other worthy co-working spaces include Tinkko, FrendaColectivo, NODO, CoWorking Inspira, Impact Hub – Medellin NOI, Circular Co-working – La Casa Redonda, Quokka Cafe Co-working and Ofizen – Siembra Co-working.


What does Medellin offer Digital Nomads and remote workers?

it can be said that the heart of Columbia, Medellin is a beautiful city that has perfect weather, luscious green spaces, trendy cafés, world-class food. Combined with the low cost of living, wide availability of Wi-Fi, and great co-working options make this city a heaven for digital nomads.