What does Taipei offer digital nomads and remote workers

What does Taipei offer digital nomads and remote workers wanting to based themselves in East Asia?

Taipei is one of the famous cities of Taiwan, a metropolis city and capital too located in East Asia contiguous to Japan, Philippine and China. Being a modern city, it is full of diverse lifestyles but having imprints of Chinese, Japanese and American cultures. Thus offering a platform to almost all types of diverse living forms.

Due to global pandemic, the world’s paradigm has been shifted to a location independent working style, thus commercializing and opening ways for digital nomads (the people who work remotely from their laptops while traveling and earn money by this). 

What does the city of Taipei offer digital nomads and remote workers?

Taipei, being neighbouring country of China, Japan, has imprints of these countries in terms of culture, cuisine, foods and life style. Moreover, it has a lot to offer to its visitors. The worth visiting places include National Palace museum, which has historical significance.

While the people having interest in natural beauty would prefer to visit Doan Park and Shifen. Doan Park is full of lush green plants and natural wild life, while Shifen is a famous water fall locally also called as mini Niagara Falls.

The food lovers would love to wander in the night markets which open at around 4 pm at local time and remain open till midnight. These streets offer not only delicious food at very low prices but also some of the lifelong memorial wandering experiences which are nowhere to be found. The elephant mountain is another must visiting place if you want an enchanting view of the city Taipei. 

Cost of Living

Like in many incongruous parts around the world, the cost of living vary in Taipei as well, depending on the life style you choose and the neighbourhood you choose for living.

Here in Taipei the area is small with a bulk of population, so overall the cost of living increases due to large number of settlements. 


Accommodation could be little expensive within the city centre, but the neighbourhoods outside the city centre are less expensive as compared to city centre. 

So what does Taipei offer on an average? Accommodation within the city centre could cost around $500 USD / month, having small kitchen, furnished room and washroom. But one of the cons of living within the city centre is that there is less space and the building are old. In the old style of construction, all facilities are provided within small area. While the new buildings within city centre and even out of city centre are having bigger spaces with all modern appliances tend to be more costly. 


Besides accommodation, there is a network of MRT (transportation) service which is at easy access and it simply requires a transportation card costing ($3 USD) / 100 TWD, while a bus / subway fare (MRT) costs 15 – 60 TWD / ($0.5- $2). 


The city has an up to the mark gym facility as well, which has monthly charges of $50 only. 


Along with all other attractions, the streets of Taipei are full of delicious foods. In fact, Taipei is known for its desserts and night food markets. The street foods are less costly as compared to eateries and foods at restaurants.

What to expect from the Taipei digital nomad community?

The digital nomad community of Taipei is cooperative and the people of Taiwan are humble and noble too. The intruders might language as a barrier of communication because, most people are speaking and understanding Chinese only, they are rigid towards acceptability for change too. The people of Taipei are conservative and rigid in their cultural beliefs, so it becomes harder for most nomads to find like-minded people usually. 

So apart from these petty deep things Taipei, Taiwan is a must visiting city for digital nomads if you are looking for a short term stay, because, for long term stay nomads might prefer Malaysia, Bali or Thailand over Taiwan due to language barrier probably.

What are the co-working space options available in Taipei?

Co working spaces are of the primary importance when it comes to digital nomads or working remotely. Here in Taipei, the inter net is super-fast working with an average speed of 20 mbps downloading and 30 mbps uploading. Usually the internet speed vary from place to place or the co working space you choose for working. The amenities of most co working spaces include bike parking, shower rooms, comfortable environment and some places offering snacks too. 

Over the past few years, Taiwan as a country, has grown rapidly in the co working spaces. Some of the renowned co working spaces include Makerbar, Hun, Future ward, CLBC, Surf house and the Hive. Each one of them offers a different plan and terms for its membership.

Makerbar is located in Lane 112, sec 1 Anhc Road Da’an Dist, Taipei, Taiwan and is best to facilitate entrepreneurs, artists etc.. The membership fee is 3600 TWD per month. The co working spaces are available on daily basis too. The Makerbar charges TWD 300 per day. The facilities include standing desks, 3D printer and a lounge with high speed inter net. While Hun offers co working space with conference rooms, wheelchair accessibility, private lockers and friendly environment. It is located in Yamen Street of Taipei. Its membership charges start from TWD 5000 for a dedicated desk.

CLBC offers its services at different locations in Taipei. It provides a perfect room for business meetings with skype room, video recording equipment, personal lockers and much more. Its charges are TWD 150 per hour while the membership of a dedicated desk would be TWD 6000 per month. Surfhouse, future ward and Hive also offers service not much different from the above mentioned co working spaces.


So what does Taipei offer ultimately?

Taiwan too is not far behind the developed countries in facilitating the digital nomads, as it has also become world’s 13th most prosperous country. Although Taiwan is a small country with less space, but it has a booming economy, due to which it grabs the attention of many nomads every year. 

Taipei has vantage over other cities of Taiwan due to its comfortable life style, being safe, awesome street foods, fastest means of communication and much more. Its economic progress is evident from its sky scraper buildings, busy roads and high traffic, but still everything is at easy access at the distance of few minutes.